Kezdialmas’s fame is also rested on the names of important people who came from here. Pater KelemenDidak, a Minorite monk was born here in 1683. He was famous as the mentor of the poor and of those in need, he was also known as the Saint brother. He built several schools and churches. The famous Virgin Mary Church from Miskolc, the school from Miskolc, the church and monastery from Nyirbator, the Franciscan monastery from Beszterce and the church of Beszterce are all connected to his name. His literary work is also of great significance. After his death there were attempts to be inaugurated as a saint.

The process is still supported by the Minorits. To honor the memory of this wonderful man the school of Almas was named after him in 1994. We can see the statue of Pater Kelemen Didak in the garden of the church.

In 1901 Dr Bertalan Janos was born in Almas, he became the chief doctor of the Rudolf Hospital and of the Greencross Organization. His name is kept in memory as the doctor of those in need. Dr Kelemen Frigyes, the professor of the Physics Department of the Babes Bolyai University in Kolozsvar, the co-author of the Small Physics Encyclopedia was born here too. Papp Istvan’s name is also connected to Almas, as he worked as a teacher in the village and he contributed a lot to the community, its education and culture.


Páter Kelemen Didák